What is an Interest Network?
An Interest Network is a community of members who share a common interest or passion.  NCTA members stay connected virtually and meet in person to build relationships and share information and best practices around a specific issue.

Interest Network Structure
Each NCTA Interest Network has the following organizational structure:

  • Participation in any Network is open to all employees of NCTA member companies/organizations. Interested employees can notify NCTA staff to be added to the alert list for any/all Interest Networks to be informed of any related information and upcoming meetings.
  • Each Network will have a Steering Committee, of at least 6 and no more than 10, each of whose employers will sponsor at $500 annually (some Networks have additional sponsorship levels for specific meetings/activities – see the individual Network pages on this site for those details, or contact the NCTA staffer identified on each Network page).
  • The Steering Committee will work with NCTA staff to guide programming for any meetings/activities hosted by that Network, and also help feed content for other NCTA programming where the Network’s subject matter is relevant.

Cyber Security
Provides a forum for members to exchange information so they might better mitigate ongoing IT security risks. Through the Cyber Security Network, members can share best practices around the protection of networks, computers, programs and data.

Government Vendor
Provides a forum for members that do business with the State and hosts meetings featuring senior state officials to discuss how technology is procured and used in state government. Through the Government Vendor Network, members can dialogue with policy makers on challenges they face and how technology might provide solutions in efficiency and cost reduction.

Knowledge Workforce
Provides a forum that focuses on education and workforce priorities ranging from current talent demands, to curriculum and technology in schools, to promoting careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). Through the Knowledge Workforce Network, members share insights and act to help support the development of world-class, well-educated students and workers to make North Carolina a hub for globally competitive companies.


Provides a forum for members interested in mobile and wireless technology. Through the Mobility Network, members from the provider and user perspectives can discuss the development and implementation of the latest mobile strategies.

If you would like more information or to be added/removed from an Interest Network, contact
Susan Gilbert, at 919.856.0393 or email Susan.