Raleigh Technology Events

NC Tech Talk is a live radio technology event designed to explore how policy, talent and engagement drive the success of the tech sector. With broadcasts on the first Monday of each month, the show will feature local leaders discussing the events, technologies and trends that impact their organization or business. For more information visit here.

NCTA’s Emerging Tech + Trends series can be a great opportunity for companies and organizations to optimize the way they market and sell their product, Content Strategy puts the customer at the center of everything. This panel will explore effective approaches to serving customers the information they need in the places they’re looking for it. For additional information, visit here.

In addition to the event mentioned above, please check back for updates on future Raleigh technology events such as Peer2Peer Meetings, Thought Leaders and Techworking by visiting our events page here. Should you have questions regarding attendance or participation in any of these events, please contact Marc Montoro at 919.890.0773 or Email Marc.