The North Carolina Technology Association (NCTA) is the statewide membership association for the tech sector.  Because technology is integral to any enterprise regardless of size or function, NCTA membership is open to all companies, organizations and institutions.  NCTA serves organizations and their people through events, advocacy, virtual networks and resources.



Mission Statement

The North Carolina Technology Association's mission is Making North Carolina Number One in Technology and Technology Number One in North Carolina. The organization does this through three main focus areas: executive engagement, public affairs and knowledge workforce.

Leadership Meets Technology

NCTA helps its members grow regionally and compete globally by actively connecting business decision makers, educating government officials on issues relevant to the technology industry and providing valuable educational and executive networking events.  NCTA has been a trusted resource for two decades with the ability to influence locally and impact globally.

Focus Areas

The North Carolina Technology Association maximizes opportunities for our members through our three lines of business: Executive Engagement, Public Affairs and Knowledge Workforce.

• Executive Engagement:  NCTA Connects Leadership, Technology and Innovation

NCTA's Executive Engagement connects executives, public policy leaders, visionaries and world-class leaders around the business of technology.  NCTA has established a series of executive-level events and programs that are recognized for their top-tier speakers and quality programming. Our members drive the content and success of our programs and events through sponsorship, speaking opportunities and active participation.

• Public Affairs:  NCTA Provides a Voice for the Technology Industry

As the go-to organization for policy makers on issues affecting the tech sector, NCTA shapes policy to foster growth and opportunity with a public affairs program that is steered by three guiding principles: build relationships, educate on issues and craft and advocate forward-thinking policy.  We champion legislation that provides a favorable tax and regulatory environment, encourages new ventures, grows knowledge-based jobs and expands the knowledge workforce in North Carolina.

We provide opportunities for members to meet and work with state and federal legislators. NCTA crafts an annual legislative agenda by engaging member companies of all sizes.  In recent years, our efforts have achieved research and development tax credits for emerging technology companies, increases in government funding for educational technology and funding for defense and security technology initiatives throughout North Carolina.

• Knowledge Workforce:  NCTA Promotes Lifelong Learning

NCTA embraces the challenge of mentoring a generation to lead 21st century technology.  We impact K-20 education through initiatives to promote and enhance the state's technology and educational opportunities.  We endorse legislation that provides investment in educational technology and promotes training to attract more students into the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) curricula.  NCTA develops the knowledge workforce to make North Carolina a thriving hub of technology companies that are globally competitive.