When you join NCTA, you join a network of professionals. Through NCTA Communities, members share information and build relationships around a commonality.

Interest Networks
A Interest Network is a community of members who share a common interest or passion. Through these networks, members meet both in person and virtually to create relationships through engagement around a particular issue.

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Leadership Networks
A Leadership Network is a community of members committed to strengthening North Carolina’s technology industry and heightening their personal involvement with NCTA. Executives can give back to their community and engage with leaders while building their professional networks and advancing the growth of NCTA. 

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Peer Networks
A Peer Network is a community of members who share similar functional roles for their employer. Executives can gain insight from those in similar roles, who often face the same opportunites and challenges. These networks provide strong networking opportunities with access to real time information that can help you in your job.

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Virtual Networks
A Virtual Network is a community of members connecting through NCTA’s social media and online platforms. Members make business connections and share information without the barriers of geography or time. Leverage NCTA’s virtual networks to gain exposure for your business and grow your personal network.

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