Virtual Networks

A Virtual Network is a community of members connecting through NCTA’s social media and online platforms. Members make business connections and share information without the barriers of geography or time. Leverage NCTA’s virtual networks to gain exposure for your business and grow your personal network.

LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter

The NCTA Members Only LinkedIn Group is open to all employees of members companies and organizations. NCTA encourages members to share information and opportunities on the discussion board and to connect with fellow members by making NCTA your common connection point. By ‘Liking’ NCTA on Facebook and ‘Following’ NCTA on Twitter you will get the latest news updates, find out what NCTA staff is up to and have access to special promo codes for discounts on events and activities.

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Exclusive Virtual Networks

NCTA offers exclusive virtual communities for each Interest Network, Leadership Network and Peer Network. Through Virtual Networks, members engaged in any NCTA network will have an opportunity to connect through ongoing interaction and dialogue with others that have a similar interest. NCTA members can continue a discussion had in an Interest Network meeting, connect online after a Peer Network roundtable, or solicit input from a Leadership Network you belong to – at anytime from anywhere.

NCTA Members - Ambassadors LinkedIn Group (Invitation Only)

NCTA Members - Board of Advisors LinkedIn Group (Exclusive)

NCTA Members - CIO Peer2Peer LinkedIn Group

NCTA Members - CEO Peer2Peer LinkedIn Group

NCTA Members - Cyber Security Network LinkedIn Group

NCTA Members - Knowledge Workforce Network LinkedIn Group

NCTA Members - Government Vendor Network LinkedIn Group

NCTA Members – Mobility Network LinkedIn Group