IT Technology Jobs

North Carolina’s extensive university and college network ensures that the state has a highly educated and skilled workforce. Its college system has over 2000 upperclassman enrolled in computer science programs at any one time, and nearly 1000 of these will graduate with bachelors’ degrees. These talented graduates will be looking for IT technology jobs.

NCTA offers several ways for its membership to connect with new talent and stay abreast of tech sector hiring trends. NCTA's IT Job Trends Report highlights job market statistics in the state and provides analysis as to their meaning relevant to national trends. In addition, the IT Job Trends report provides insight into which skills are in demand.

Come Tech Out job fairs provide opportunities to meet recent graduates or visit with tech savvy talent looking for the next stage in their career. Come as an employer or job seeker (admittance as a job seeker is free but one must register). Either way, it’s a marvelous networking opportunity.

Look for tech job fairs in Charlotte and the Triangle later this year.

Finally, the Job Board offers NCTA members a premier resource for locating the most qualified IT talent. Whether you're a company with IT Technology jobs to fill or a seasoned professional seeking that next challenge, the NCTA Job Board can be a real asset. Free to members, it is one of the many benefits of NCTA membership.