Tech Events

Throughout 2015, the North Carolina Technology Association will host a wide variety of events designed to benefit its membership and the state technology community at large. Early events include Techworking, Cyber Security Network Meeting and the highly anticipated Outlook for IT.

Charlotte Techworking is the year’s first tech event and an opportunity to network, connect and build relationships with fellow members of the Charlotte technology community.  Held in a relaxed and casual environment, Techworking events are free to NCTA members and non-members alike. Online registration is required and sponsorship opportunities are available. Check here for more information.

Recent news events have emphasized the importance of network security. NCTA’s Cyber Security Network event facilitates discussion regarding cyber security issues among NCTA members. It’s a great opportunity to stay informed and share new information about best practices as it applies to the protection of data, programs, and networks.

Outlook for IT may be the most anxiously anticipated of all these tech events. Over 400 industry and technology leaders will gather to learn and discuss the trends that will set the tone for 2015. This year’s event will feature a luncheon with a keynote briefing highlighted by NCTA’s State of Technology Industry Report.

Released for the first time this year and annually hereafter, the State of Technology Industry report will be published in partnership with Business North Carolina magazine and will contain valuable information including a guide for companies considering relocation to NC, trends and insights into NC’s tech sector, stories that highlight the vibrancy of the state’s tech sector and so much more

Should you have questions regarding membership any of the events listed above, contact Michelle Calton at 919.856.0393 or Email Michelle. Questions about sponsorship? Contact Marc Montoro at 919.890.0773 or Email Marc.