Tech Industry Report

First released in early 2015, NCTA’s State of Technology Industry Report contains tech industry observations and insights, trends and accompanying narratives, and resources for North Carolina’s tech community and media. Much more than simply a tech industry report, this publication serves as a guide for companies considering relocation to the state as it includes repository facts, data and statistics that often prove very helpful to company decision makers.

Moving forward, NCTA will partner with Business North Carolina magazine to publish the State of Technology Industry Report annually, in the early spring of each year. This premier technology industry report will be broken down into these four categories: Information Technology; Life Sciences; Energy Technology and Environmental Technology. Additionally, each category is divided into individual, more specific sub-categories. For example, the energy technology category includes (but is not limited to) natural gas, petroleum, solar power, and coal. The IT (Information Technology) category includes sub-categories such as electronic computers and storage, satellite communications, radio & television and more.

Furthermore, this is the only tech industry report that highlights the state’s regional industry trends, technology jobs, employment patterns, long technology trends, R & D funding, entrepreneurs and small business openings, and success stories. The report’s Tech Sector Metrics provide an in-depth examination of key indicators within North Carolina and how they compare to competing states. These metrics include employment growth and growth rate, growth in high tech establishments, average wage and women in IT, just to name a few. This tech industry report is the most comprehensive of its kind.

NCTA’s annual tech industry report also includes tech infrastructure metrics in its aptly named Technology Infrastructure Metrics section. Here, the report examines infrastructure factors such as funding access, patents issued, higher education as it pertains to the talent pool, and small business openings and closings.

You’ll find information on the top 20 occupations in the state’s tech sector, industry and regional technology trends, and numbers that demonstrate and clearly articulate in a tangible way the tech sector’s impact on the state economy.

The only tech industry report of its kind for the state of North Carolina, the North Carolina State of Technology Report is sure to be a valuable asset, both to mid-level decision makers and industry leaders. To request a full report, visit and complete the form.

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