Technology Organizations

NCTA is North Carolina's advocate for the state's technology sector, working with government to promote public policies that provide smart, creative solutions to industry challenges and promote economic growth. By providing membership the opportunity to meet and work with state and federal regulators, NCTA has been instrumental in helping to create a more favorable tax and regulatory environment for North Carolina's technology organizations. These efforts help encourage new ventures, grow knowledge-based jobs, and expand the state's high tech workforce.

In addition, NCTA supports and encourages initiatives designed to enhance the state's technological and educational opportunities. By endorsing legislation that provides further investment in education and training in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and math, NCTA does its part to prepare the next generation for leadership in 21st century technology.

As a member of NCTA, you and other technology organizations make an investment in the future of the technology community for North Carolina, your organization, and yourself. Join now!