Technology Associations

There may be no better opportunity to network with North Carolina's IT movers and shakers than to attend one of NCTA's signature events. Outlook for IT is one of the state's premier events for IT professionals and one that sets NCTA apart from other technology associations in the region.

Outlook for IT is always a popular event with the IT community, as NCTAs Board of Directors along with member companies and industry leaders celebrated the accomplishments of the prior year while forecasting and setting expectations for what's to come.

Typically, over 400 members are present for the annual event and an even bigger registration is expected for this year’s Outlook for IT event.

Similarly, over 500 IT professionals gathered for NCTA's State of Technology Conference 2014, another of this technology association's unique events. This annual gathering brings together business and IT leaders from across multiple sectors and disciplines to discuss how technology can help business and organizations thrive.

For more information on attending either event, visit our events page where you'll be able to register online or find out more details on agenda, location, etc.