Technology Company Directory

Published in cooperation with Business North Carolina magazine, The North Carolina Technology Association produces an annual technology company directory, an extremely useful statewide directory of its members. Distributed in conjunction with the January issue of Business North Carolina, the North Carolina Technology Directory helps facilitate networking and provides a single go-to source for technology related goods and services within the state.

The annual technology company directory highlights the many innovative, cutting-edge IT companies within the state’s borders as well as those who use technology to meet business objectives and serve their customers. In addition to area businesses, you’ll find valuable information on public agencies, non-profits and educational instructions, and technology associations all working within the state’s technology space.

Each and every listing in the directory includes information on the member organization’s core business, location, and point of contact. Over 700 members are listed in all, making NCTA’s technology company directory the most comprehensive publication of its kind covering North Carolina technology.

Are you in search of top-notch IT services, consulting, video & web conferencing services, hardware and software applications or green technology solutions? NCTA’s annual technology company directory gives you access to the best, most innovative IT talent in North Carolina - both names you’re familiar with and many you have not yet heard of.

Additionally, NCTA members have access to a searchable online directory with the added capability to data sort by a variety of different criteria.

For more about how you or your company can become an NCTA member, read about the benefits of membership and join online. Questions about membership in NCTA?

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Call Alison Gordon, Membership Engagement Manager, at 919.890.0775 (or email Alison here).

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