Technology Organizations

NCTA serves North Carolina's technology organizations through its efforts to raise the visibility of the region's tech industry, support members through strong peer to peer and leadership networks, and connect them with public officials on matters of significant importance to the state's technology sector. Participating technology organizations benefit directly from NCTA's signature events, networking opportunities and talent portal.

NCTA has partnered with Moog Music to bring cutting edge technologies to event participants including workshops, private demos, and live entertainment. Our State of Technology Conference features presentations and showcases with companies presently integrating disruptive mobile technologies and covered all facets of mobile strategy.

The state's technology organizations also benefit from NCTA's Talent Portal, an employment related resource that has proven to be invaluable to both tech organizations in search of IT talent and those in search of their next IT career opportunity. NCTA also publishes its monthly IT Job Trends Report, highlighting the state's IT job market including comparisons to national trends and a summary of IT skills in demand.

NCTA helps member technology organizations grow and compete - not only regionally but globally. Learn more about NCTA or click here to join today.