21 Awards

Each November, NCTA celebrates innovation and high-tech excellence throughout North Carolina with the 21 awards.  Devoted to promoting the accomplishments and innovations of the state's business and technology community, the 21 Awards are the one and only statewide awards program for the business tech sector.

Honoring 21 companies and individuals who demonstrate leadership, innovation, and characterize excellence in the North Carolina tech community, the award process concludes with a Gala held annually at the Sheraton Imperial Hotel in Durham NC. This year’s theme is “Return of the Techies”, inspired by the Star Wars movies.

The event includes a reception and dinner followed by the 21 Awards ceremony. Award finalists are selected by a review committee consisting of non-profit, media, education, and technology leaders representing various regions of the state.

One can apply directly on behalf of their company or organization by completing a brief 21 Award online application.  You'll be asked to provide a compelling reason why the company or individual should be considered for an award as well as the requisite supplemental information.

You can also nominate a company other than your own. In that event, you'll be asked to provide contact information for the organization being nominated as well as the reason the company should be considered for an award. NCTA will contact the company or organization to begin the formal application process.

Should you have interest in applying on behalf of your company or nominating another, you can learn more about the 21 Awards nominating process here.