State of Technology Opening Keynote

Gennaro Cuomo


WebSphere CTO


Jerry Cuomo holds the prestigious title of IBM Fellow and has spent 20 years working on IBM's advanced technology software, including 9 years at the Thomas J Watson Research Center in New York.  He has been an integral part of the WebSphere Application Server engineering team from its inception in 1997.  Jerry is a breakthrough innovator of solutions in the areas of TCP/IP, real-time collaboration software, and high-performance transactional systems.  He currently has filed for over 40 US patents and is a Software Group master inventor.

Cuomo is currently the chief technology officer for the WebSphere brand and the director of the WebSphere Technology Institute (WSTI), whose mission is to cultivate the future of WebSphere by identifying and developing advanced technologies.  Working closely with IBM Research, IBM partners and customers, Jerry continues to deliver innovations to WebSphere and is focusing on radically simplifying the consumption of IBM's middleware using appliances, virtualization, and Web 2.0 technologies.

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