Thought Leaders

What:  Walt Mossberg – Live and Unplugged in NC
Walt Mossberg, the venerable author and technology kingmaker, kicked off 2013 for NCTA with a rare insider look at the post-PC era.  Walt shared insights on where our industry is today, based on his interviews with the leaders of the world’s top technology companies.  Some of the discussion points were:

  • Hardware and gadgets: the future and pragmatism
  • Cloud computing’s effect on consumers
  • The Gang of Four – Apple, Amazon, Google and Facebook: the benchmarks they set, and how other companies strain to compete or partner
  • The blurring of telecom, mobility and Web, the tension between technology and wireless companies, and who owns the customer, the device, and the experience

About the Keynote Speaker:
Creator, Personal Technology Column, The Wall Street Journal (Since 1991)
Co-Creator and Co-Producer, D: All Things Digital
Co-Executive Director,
Partners with prominent blogger, Kara Swisher

Consumer Technology Showcase:
To demonstrate the vibrancy of the tech community in the greater Triangle region, we also hosted a Consumer Technology Showcase featuring a handful of companies that offer something visual and interactive to display in the consumer technology space.

Learn More About Exhibiting Companies:
Ann Revell-Pechar, of A.Revell Communications, interviewed the CEOs of the companies featured in the showcase.  Visit NCTA's blog to read the interviews.

When:  January 17, 2013

Where:  The Umstead
100 Woodland Pond Drive
Cary, NC 27513